Process Improvement


Doing more with less – many see this is a feature of the new legal landscape.  We would argue that the focus is on being effective, and that requires identifying what is the right thing to do, and how to do it well.

For decades, manufacturing and other industries have focused on process improvement to improve outcomes and profitability.  The legal industry is only now catching up.  In the new legal landscape, profitability comes from delivering the services the client needs, effectively, and at a cost which reflects value.

Process improvement involves analysing services to identify whether they are meeting client needs, reviewing the steps in the workflow process, and stepping back to consider whether there are different and better ways of delivering the service.  Identification of possible templates, inconsistencies in approach and blockages in the process help focus on doing the right thing, in the right way.

Ineffective delegation is a major cause of cost blow outs, resulting in write offs.  Process improvement can involve training in effective delegation techniques.

We run process improvement brainstorming workshops with practice groups and provide delegation training.  We can prepare process maps following brainstorming workshops, which in turn can form the basis of workflow automation, and assist in pricing of legal work.

We have worked with major law firms running brainstorming workshops in every practice group in the firm, to enable the firm to provide budgets for work and develop process improvements.  Our experience of file reviews across thousands of law firms from top tier to sole practitioner means we have unrivalled knowledge of best practices, and how process can be improved.